Relax with chilled water streaming from your absinthe fountain

In case you truly want to enjoy drinking absinthe in style then you need to chill out with perfectly chilled water flowing out of your absinthe fountain. Your fountain

will assist you to slowly blend chilled water and sugar in your favorite absinthe drink and can even blend as much as six drinks at one time.

Absinthe is created using selected herbs including grande wormwood, fennel and anise. Its trademark green color is derived from chlorophyll found in its various herbs and it is thus also known as the absinthe green fairy or even as absinthe fairy. Since absinthe alcohol is extremely strong and bitter, and has extremely high proof levels, it has to be diluted with chilled water and sugar to ensure that it could be palatable to people looking to drink this unique drink. If you wish to try drinking absinthe in your own home then you simply need to select from various absinthe brands obtainable in stores or can even buy absinthe online and have it delivered directly to your home. You can even try making absinthe with an absinthe kit that could also be purchased online.

If you want to make absinthe drinks in your house then in addition to an absinthe fountain you will also require many other absinthe accessories to create the proper mood for sipping on this chilled anise-flavored potent drink along with your close friends. You will require absinthe glasses that are available in various shapes to hold your absinthe dose before you blend in chilled water through your fountain. Since absinthe can’t be consumed without dilution, you will have to use the fountain to pour in chilled water in order to dilute it to the correct strength.

The fountain itself is a translucent piece of art as most fountains have still retained that antique look. Each glass fountain features a number of small spouts with two to six tiny taps on each spout based on the number of glasses that you wish to fill at a time. You will need to fill your absinthe fountain with chilled water and set your absinthe glass below the required spout before you open the tap. Additionally, you will need to place an absinthe spoon that has a cube of sugar over it before you begin to pour the water in your glass.

Once water starts flowing out of the fountain, it is going to fall on the sugar cube located on the perforated spoon. The cube will slowly dissolve into your glass even while the presence of water, sugar and insoluble compounds in your absinthe alcohol slowly changes its color from transparent green to milky green. It is simple to buy absinthe online while also browsing through an array of fountains that truly add class to your house. You can select from remakes of antiques or even splurge on a real antique fountain in case your budget is high. An ideal fountain will truly set the mood for drinking absinthe in style and also impress your buddies at the same time.

If drinking absinthe is the new passion then you will require several absinthe accessories to create the proper mood for drinking absinthe liquor. You can select from a variety of fountains that are available with varying quantity of spouts to suit your requirements. As soon as your fountain has arrived, then you can now relax with chilled water flowing from your absinthe fountain straight into your absinthe glass.