Paleo And Touring

You most probably have plan for your ever rest trip for the month. But sometimes there are things that we really can’t control. Maybe you forgot your cooler at a rest stop, or someone broke into your car and grabbed it. Or maybe your trip was such an emergency that you didn’t have time to pack. Whatever the reason, it happens. But even if you’re stuck with food that isn’t strictly Paleo, you don’t have to give up completely and jump into the candy rack.

Your first choice should be “almost Paleo” foods: foods that probably won’t make you sick even though they aren’t on your usual diet plan. You might have to settle for meat that’s been cooked in seed oils (buying a fast-food burger and throwing away the bun can get you emergency protein in a pinch). Since many people don’t have immediate reactions to legumes and safe starches, you could go for a

Mexican dish based on rice and beans, an Indian curry with lentils, sushi with white rice (but avoid the soy sauce, since it contains gluten), or mixed nuts that include peanuts. A smoothie with protein powder is also not technically Paleo, but it can carry you through for a few hours. If you can handle dairy fairly well, you could also try yogurt or string cheese.

If you can’t find anything “almost Paleo,” at least try to avoid gluten, added sugar, and anything that you react particularly poorly to. You can usually find at least one dish based on rice or potatoes instead of wheat.

In this type of situation, accept that you have to eat something that might make you feel sick for a day or two, and try not to spend the whole meal beating yourself up for “cheating.” One meal won’t throw you completely off track if you don’t let it.

The Paleo Travel and leisure Checklist

Most of us forget at least one important thing on every trip we take, and return vowing to never forget it again…only to forget something else the next time.

This Paleo travel checklist is designed to help you keep track of everything diet-related, so that even if you leave your toothbrush at home, at least you’ll have enough to eat. For a road trip grocery list, print out the checklist and simply cross out any foods you don’t intend to buy.

* Jerky;
* Pemmican;
* Canned fish;
* Mixed nuts or trail mix;
* Nut butter packets;
* Canned olives;
* Small bottle of olive oil;
* Fruit;
* Vegetables;
* Guacamole;
* Hard-boiled eggs;
* Bottled water;
* Tea and/or coffee, if you drink it;
* Salt and pepper;

* List of restaurants and grocery stores along the way
* Utensils
* Napkins
* Hand sanitizer
* Tupperware (for storing restaurant leftovers)
* Allergy translation cards (if you’re travelling away from your native language)
* Any supplements that you take regularly
* Thermos bottle
* A sleep mask and a pair of earplugs

Travelling on the Paleo diet can be tough – you’re thrown out into the world far from the safety of your own kitchen, and you have to make the best of it. But with some basic planning and preparation, you won’t have to sacrifice your health on the road.